Without being too pessimistic, cyber security issues are on the rise and becoming a day to day headache for companies of all sizes. Companies looking to establish Cyber Security teams can sometimes under-estimate the challenges at hand; a skill shortage, steep rises in cyber-attacks and a highly competitive talent market.

2 out of 3 businesses have been affected by attacks whilst 43% of those businesses have been small to medium-sized businesses as reported by Symantec, who offer various security products in malware protection, endpoint security and information security. 77% of UK Chief Information Officers now say that they will face more security threats in the next 5 years due to the overarching skill shortage. A Frost & Sullivan report has predicted a 1.8 million specialist skills shortage by 2022.

HRO Digital have spoken with 100s of cyber companies throughout Europe and Israel within the past year as the team offers both consultation and recruitment services into; Startups, medium-sized businesses and MNCs across the EMEA. Faye Savage has conducted over 6 months of in-depth market research into the Cyber market herself, she has the following things to share:

“I am surprised that some companies are not willing to seek help in attracting and recruiting critical specialists; taking into consideration the increase in cyber-attacks and that they may be jeopardizing their own security by leaving crucial roles vacant.”

Faye goes on to comment:

“Cyber Security is a multibillion-dollar business and whilst larger companies seem to have a modest budget, some appear to underestimate the support they need with either talent attraction or events.”

Faye’s recent successes have allowed her to add:

“I have spoken with 2000+ talented cyber individuals all over Europe specializing in everything from Penetration Testing, Incident Response & Management, SOC analysis, cloud/network/virtualization/ mobile security. I know the talent is out there, and I constantly interact with my portfolio of candidates about the opportunities on the maket unless companies hire direct, in which case it is harder to advise people. Furthermore, I know that the companies have not directly approached these individuals whose skills and experience are well-aligned to the role requirements because their own internal recruiters are still even learning about what skills the internal Cyber teams are looking for.”

HRO Digital is urging companies to reach out to them to help support their recruitment needs, after building one of the largest cyber teams in Europe, including relocating experts from other parts of Europe and Israel. HRO Digital has participated and organized some of the biggest cyber events in 2018, such as the Aspire and DisruptionBanking events and are booking up our calendar this year with further events.

We cannot be complacent- cyber breaches are on the rise and the skill shortage will increase – HRO Digital are already a step ahead with pioneering new solutions for businesses which we hope will keep them one step ahead of the game too!

For more information please contact faye.savage@hro-digital.com


Faye Savage

Recruitment Manager

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